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Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Powerpoint Template


Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Powerpoint Template:This template has a set of exquisite aesthetic theme, especially suitable for Mid-Autumn Festival. It has 26 slides.
This slide template uses a full moon in the blue and beautiful night sky as the background image. The moon is surrounded by white auspicious clouds, fairy deer, lotus and waves. Placed in the middle of the artistic word Huahao Yuanyuan, the interface design is very delicate and aesthetic.
The content page of this template uses patterns such as Kong Ming Lamp, Jade Rabbit, Moon Cake, Osmanthus fragrans and so on. This PPT introduces the origin, customs and poems of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
This slide template is suitable for the planning of Mid-Autumn Festival activities and cultural introduction of Mid-Autumn Festival.
If you are now abroad, you can use this template to explain the culture and customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival to the local people.

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